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Bowden Creative Go-To Essential LUT Pack.  You’ll be amazed!

Best bang for your buck Professional LUT package out there…
ONLY $4.95

Includes 10 Custom Professional LUTs
Fully Optimized for use with ANY flat profile as well as color corrected footage
Add that “Professional Look” to your project
LUTs work with any editing program that accepts them, Adobe Premier Pro, Speedgrade, Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop etc…

As a long time Director of Photography I have used custom LUTs quite often. I have refined this Go-To Essential custom pack of LUTs. Look up tables are vital in creating the “look” within your project. I have put countless hours into these and I hope you enjoy them and they add that final aspect to your video! Enjoy~

There are 10 total LUTs included in this pack that will cover a wide array of options within your project. I have used these on my professional and personal projects so I can ensure you they have been tested many times. These are compatible with any editing program (Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc…) that you can import LUTs. They are a .cube file which is the most widely used format.

The Go-To Essential Bowden Creative LUT package is ONLY $4.95, which is much cheaper than most professional packs that you see. I would like give people the opportunity to enhance their videos with a “professional” look in a quick and easy way without having to go through the rigors of color grading footage using my LUT pack. Best bang for your buck Professional LUT package out there…

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New Site is UP! *Click Here*

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Welcome to my new site and business Bowden Creative. With a baby on the way it was about that time to expand and branch out a little.

If your business is needing an overhaul on its brand or if you’ve never had professional media to market it with, I can help.  I offer a relaxed easy going route to complete all your goals, on time and on budget.  No stuffy business meetings, you won’t get nickel and dimed and we will work together until everything is complete and all are satisfied.

A presence online is more important than ever and can’t be overlooked when marketing your brand.  The yellow pages are not the way to go anymore.  From setting up a new or running and revamping an old social media account, I can assure you will have the best image out for you or your business.

If you’re not sure what you need, don’t worry about it, that’s what I’m here for.  I offer a wide array of options to complete your vision.

Story is always king. The most expensive gear does not necessarily produce the best product.  With that being said, I use industry standard and up to date gear from companies such as Canon, GoPro, DJI, Apple, Rode and many more.  This will give the opportunity to produce your projects in Full HD or 4K. The right gear for each specific project is the key producing your vision.

Thanks for visiting!